Plymouth Valiant Signet 200 (1963) – in my ownership until 2011

On a sunny saturday in the autumn of 2004, we went to the oldtimer auction in Toffen (near Berne, Switzerland). We didn’t have any intention of buying a car. We arrived some two hours before the start of the auction and had a look at the oldtimers that were to be auctioned that day. There we’ve got attracted by this Valiant. First for its original immaculate condition, but most of all because of the history:

The first owner was an American lady (born in 1905) who went to pick up the car directly at the factory. At that time she lived with her husband in East End on the Eastcoast of the USA. The original brochure of 1963 with the stamp of the dealer and a mark next to the chosen options still comes with the car! It had to be a demanding lady, because she ordered the car with nearly every available option on the list, e.g. the push button automatic transmission, powerbrakes, radio, tinted windows and others. The family moved to Switzerland by the end of the 1960ies. They took their beloved Valiant with them to Berne.

The car was never driven in winter and every 5’000 km the service had been done. It is in absolutely original condition and I am only the 3rd owner.